manuscript: Elchin
director: Kamran Shahmardan
actors: Eka Chkheidze, Apollon Kublashvili

The young man in a search for easy money goes after women. One day he meets his former teacher, the one he loved when he was a kid. There is a romance starting between them two, but the man steals something valuable from his woman. The thief keeps coming back to the crime scene, as in Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment”. This story becomes his nightmare. Desperate, understanding that he cannot change the past, he tortures himself and his beloved one, while she tries her best to save him, being morally stronger. Still, the ending is tragic, as from the very beginning it was about a victim looking for its saviour (the Murderer).

Azerbaijanfilm, Black and White Studio, Varsi Film

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Azerbaijanfilm, Black and White Studio, Varsi Film